An eye lift is an essential surgical procedure for improving eyesight in older people with sagging upper eyelids. Getting this surgery in Charlotte, NC, has a lot more benefits than just improving sight. Comprehensively, it helps remove excess skin along with the upper eyelid areas, and it also tightens the inelastic skin and lax muscles. One of the most common benefits of this surgery is removing fat bulges over the eyes and lifting drooping skin to help improve vision. A good vision is essential for your general wellbeing.

Before undergoing an eye lift surgery, you must try to research on the different options and what you stand to gain. Often, the surgeon may tell you a couple of risk factors that may come with an eye lift surgery. For instance, a dry and irritated eye or noticeable scarring. Fortunately, this usually doesn’t run for long and doesn’t apply to all patients.

What to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

The entire procedure doesn’t last for too long. It is done in an outpatient setting. The eye lift surgeon will ensure that the area where the surgery will be performed is numb. After this, the surgeon also gives a medication that will help the patient relax during the procedure.

During the procedure in Charlotte, NC, the surgeon decides on where to cut. Typically, if you want to work on both upper and lower eyelids, the surgeon will open up the eyelids first, remove excess fat, and close it. For the lower eyelid, the doctor does the same thing to it and closes the cut. However, if your upper eyelid sags close to the pupil, the surgeon may add additional support to the eyebrow muscle.

Where most patients look forward to is after the procedure. Often, patients are skeptical because they aren’t sure how you would feel or see after the entire procedure. Often, after an eye lift, patients experience watering eyes, high levels of sensitivity to light, numb eye, and double vision. However, after the surgery, you may be advised to avoid stressful and strenuous activities.

One of the major pieces of advice that surgeons give is patients shouldn’t rub their eyes. Also, you may be advised to stop smoking and avoid straining your eyes. You may also need to avoid using some taking specific kinds of drugs like aspirin for a week,

Getting the best results out of an eye lift in Charlotte, NC.

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