An eye lift in Charlotte NC can help you look younger

Find out if you need an eye lift in Charlotte NC
An eye lift in Charlotte NC is the most popular form of facial plastic surgery for men, and is also very popular for women. Different surgeons prefer different approaches to performing eye lifts. Many perform it under local anesthesia, although a lot of us would probably prefer to be out of it when somebody is operating that close to our eyes. The eye lift is a procedure that demands a great deal of skill and experience on the part of the surgeon — he or she has to judge precisely how much skin and muscle to remove in order make the eye look younger without risking it losing its protection. The sutures are thinner than eyelashes. An eye lift surgery patient in Charlotte should be in fairly good health, with no medical conditions such as blurry vision, dry eye, double vision, diabetes or thyroid problems, and preferably with well-recessed eyes.

You might need a brow lift
Sometimes the problem is actually with the skin over the eyelids. As you grow older, this skin can gradually sag into the space of the upper eyelids. In these cases, instead of eye lift surgery the surgeon performs an endoscopic brow lift by studying the structure of the brow with an endoscope and drawing the skin, muscle and connective tissue back into place. After this procedure, you’ll need pain medication for one to two days. Swelling and bruising should be gone in a couple of weeks.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
If you think an eye lift in Charlotte NC is right for you, the first step in the process is to talk with an expert. Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon. He has practiced only facial plastic surgery since 1988, including procedures on the eyelids. He runs a state-of-the-art facility and has made a YouTube video that explains the procedure and shows several before and after photos of his eye lift patients. If you’re interested in an eye lift in Charlotte NC, make an appointment today or request an online consultation to get a discount on the consultation fee.