Eye bags are typically thought to indicate tiredness 

Eye bag removal is an under eyelid surgery that can help Charlotte, NC patients remove unsightly fat that has fallen under the eyes. Under eye bags refer to puffiness under the eye that is thought to indicate a person is tired or upset. While fatigue can make people’s eyes a bit swollen, eye permanent bags are caused by aging and can also be hereditary. Individuals who are self conscious about their appearance due to the skin under their eyes may consider an eye bag removal surgery. 

Eye bag removal can be done many different ways 

As with most surgeries, there are different techniques surgeons can use to remove under eye bags. Your doctor will decide the best option for you following a consultation.  

One of the more common techniques is an Open lower lift procedure. This procedure requires an incision to be made outside of the eye, then the excess fat, or SOOF, is completely removed. Some doctors may inject fat from other parts of the body to prevent the eyes from appearing sunken following removal of the SOOF.  

Charlotte, NC surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman created a technique to help patients get the best results possible without the risk of having sunken looking eyes afterward. Dr. Freeman’s approach is known as the SOOF Lift Blepharoplasty. SOOF refers to the fat that sits behind the eyes. As people age, this fat can begin to slide down in the face towards the middle area of the face and poke out, creating bags under the eyes. 

In the SOOF approach, the doctor makes an incision inside the eyelid and tightens the layer that holds the fat behind the eyes. This moves the SOOF back where it belongs and prevents patients from having the sunken eyes after surgery. The doctor will then tighten the fascial layer to hold the SOOF in place, restoring the under eyes to their natural, smooth sate.  

Recovery can last a few weeks 

Follow eye bag removal, patients can expect to see bruising and swelling. The bruising will typically fade within a week with the swelling going down in one to two weeks. Patients should try to keep their head elevated after surgery to help reduce swelling.  Patients should be sure to follow their doctor’s instructions carefully after surgery to ensure they get the best results. 

The cost of eye bag removal varies for each person 

Many people want to know what they will spend to on this procedure so they can begin to save for it. Unfortunately, there is not a standard price patients will pay. Patients should plan to spend no less than a couple thousand on the procedure. The surgeon will be able to give a quote following a consultation so patients can begin to save. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering eye bag removal should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. His technique offers patients the best results possible with fewer side effects than other procedures. Be sure to contact his office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the procedure.