People opt to have a nose job for a variety of reasons

There are many reasons people may undergo a nose job. Some patients undergo the procedure for cosmetic purposes while other may require a nose job for medical reasons.

The nose has a huge impact on the overall look of a person’s face. Some patients may not like the look of their nose and feel it is too big or small, may have a bump on the ridge of their nose they do not like or may have a crooked nose. People who do not like their nose may experience a lack of self-esteem and not feel confident in their looks.

Not all nose jobs are performed for cosmetic purposes. Many patients undergo rhinoplasty for medical reasons as well. Surgeons can repair damage to the nose stemming from botched nose jobs and broken noses. Doctors can also correct breathing problems caused by chronic sinus issues and deviated septum.

Preparing in advance for a nose job is important

Before undergoing a nose job, patients will undergo a consultation. During this meeting, the doctor and patient will discuss what the patient desires the end result to be. The doctor will also do an examination to best plan out what technique to use for the surgery. To eliminate any discrepancies and ensure patients will be happy with their outcome, Dr. Freeman utilizes imaging software to show patients how they will look following surgery.

Patients may need to start preparing for surgery weeks in advance. Patient’s may be required to quit smoking, drinking, and taking certain medications before surgery.

Nose jobs utilize various techniques and typically take a week to heal

Nose jobs alter the cartilage and bone in the nose to create a new shape. Nose jobs are usually performed using small incisions inside the nose, resulting in no visible scars.

Patients can expect to return to normal activities such as work and school about a week following surgery. Bruising and swelling may occur following the surgery. However, the bruising should fade in 7 to 10 days following surgery. Swelling may take a few weeks up to a month to completely disappear.

The cost of nose jobs varies per person

The cost of a nose job can vary depending on each person’s situation. People considering having a nose job in the Charlotte area should anticipate spending between $5,000.00 to $12,000.00.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Choosing a provider is an important part of planning for a nose job. Patients should research their options and look at pictures of surgeries doctors have performed. Education and experience of providers are important to consider as well.

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte, NC’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Freeman has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. He is double board certified with years of experience. Along with treating patients, Dr. Freeman has also pioneered new surgical techniques and teaches physicians both in the United States and overseas. Contact Dr. Freeman today to set up your consultation and see what he can do to help you reach your goals.