Considering an ethnic nose job Charlotte

Ethnic nose job Charlotte

An ethnic nose job requires Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires special skill to subtly enhance the appearance of a person’s nose without trying to erase their specific ethnic facial traits. The plastic surgeon must be someone who is dedicated to preserving his patients’ unique ethnic heritage, without completely eliminating the natural characteristics of their nose. In the event that a patient is indeed looking for their nose to have more Caucasian traits, Dr. Freeman will address this appropriately with each individual, in order to determine the best course of action.

The decision to undergo a nose job is an important decision. There is no doubt that your nose is one of your most prominent features. If a person is unhappy with the way their nose looks, it has a significant impact on their self-confidence and their self-image. The first step towards improving the appearance of your nose is to determine whether you are indeed a candidate for rhinoplasty. Most importantly, nose surgery patients must wait until their nose is fully developed before undergoing rhinoplasty. Typically, this is around ages of 14 to 16 for females, and 16 to 18 for males. If you are unhappy with a nose job that you had performed by another doctor, you are still a candidate for what is known as revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Freeman specializes in facial aesthetics, therefore an unusually large number of his patients are seeking improvement over a nose job that was performed by other physicians.

Asian, African American, Hispanic, and middle eastern nose jobs must take into consideration the unique and definite ethnic features of each patient’s nose. Dr. Freeman understands that ethnic noses may require substantial alteration of the internal structures, in order to change the external appearance, and to achieve the ideal look that the patient desires. Dr. Sean Freeman is one of Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeons, specializing only in facial plastic surgery since 1988. His exceptional surgical results and his patients’ powerful testimonies are proof that education, experience, and specialization are “must-haves” for your ethnic nose job Charlotte.