How to get an endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte

Endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte NC
Before you get an endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte, you should quit smoking — or taking any other form of nicotine — for at least two weeks. Nicotine slows the healing process by constricting blood vessels. Other things you should avoid are vitamin E supplements, certain herbal supplements, aspirin and ibuprofen. These things tend to interfere with clotting. For the same reason, you should avoid drinking for this time. Get someone to drive you home after the surgery.

The healing process for an endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte should take several months, but you ought to at least appear fully recovered within two weeks or so. For the first few days, you might need pain medication. Use whatever your surgeon prescribes, rather than aspirin or ibuprofen. The swelling should begin around the second day, start to go down by the end of the first week and go away by the end of the second week. It’s also about the two-week point that your surgeon should take out any sutures or staples. Until then, try to sleep with your head elevated in order to keep the swelling down, and avoid any strenuous activity that might raise the blood pressure in your head.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
The best person to go to for an endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte is Dr. M. Sean Freeman. He has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Since 1988 he has done only facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. He was one of the first doctors in the United States to perform endoscopic brow lift surgery. As someone who has written several papers and taught many courses on the subject, he divides brow lifts into four types — the full brow lift, the three-quarter brow lift, the lateral brow lift and the asymmetric brow lift. If you need an endoscopic brow lift in Charlotte NC, contact his office today or request an online consultation for a discount on the consultation fee.