If you need ear surgery in North Carolina

Ear surgery in North Carolina for children or adults
For the most part, ear surgery in North Carolina is performed on small children, but it can also be performed on adults. There are a ear number of deformities that can be corrected through taping and splinting immediately after birth, when the cartilage is still particularly soft and pliable, but that require will surgery even a few months later. These include:
• Lop ear. This is a deformity in which the upper part of the ear fails to form properly.
• Cup ear. This is a deformity in which the edge of the ear curves inward to slightly cover the ear.
• Bat ear. This is a particularly prominent ear.
• Stahl ear. This is an extra fold in the cartilage, often accompanied by a slightly pointed shape.

The most common problem is prominent ears, which is why ear surgery in North Carolina is often called “ear pinning” even when no actual pins are involved. To correct this problem, the surgeon makes a cut in the back of each ear, then adjusts the cartilage so that the ears lie closer to the head. Then the surgeon wraps a bandage around the head like a turban to hold the ears in place until they grow there. This can be done under local or general anesthetic, but in the case of small children, it’s a better idea to let them sleep through the whole thing. It’s also best to let them stay home from school for about a week. Anyone who gets ear surgery in North Carolina should avoid contact sports for the next month or so.

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