Ear surgery is used to correct a variety of issues 

Ear surgery is a common procedure for children and adults in Charlotte, NC. Ear surgery is often referred to as otoplasty or ear pinning. The procedure can be done on both children and adults to correct many ear issues. 

 Many people have ear surgery to correct protruding ears or overly large ears. Some patients who have these features face teasing, especially school age children, or may feel self conscious about the appearance as a result. Ear surgery can help correct this by moving the ear back towards the skull. The procedure can also correct ears that have been damaged by injuries or defects in the ear structure that are genetic.  

The procedure typically does not leave visible scarring 

When performing an ear surgery, the doctor will generally make the incision behind the ear, when possible. This puts any scar that is left in a nonvisible spot. The surgeon will then go in through that incision and move the ears back towards the face by manipulating and sculpting the cartilage. If any additional adjustments are needed to other areas of the ear to maintain a natural look, the doctor should make that as well. 

Ears, especially in men or women with shorter hair, are a prominent feature and one of the first things people see. The doctor should take care to ensure the results are natural looking and may recommend additional procedures to continue to approve facial symmetry.   

Ear surgery typically has a fast recovery time 

Patients who have ear surgery should be sure to take it easy the first few days after the procedure, and it is recommended they have someone stay with them at least the first night afterward. Most patients feel they can return to work and activities within a few days. However, patients will need to keep the bandage on their ears for at least five days after surgery, and not all patients feel comfortable going out with the bandage on. Removing the bandage early can damage the results, so it is important to follow the doctor’s directions carefully after the surgery.  

Most insurance companies don’t cover the surgery 

Many people want to know how much it will be before committing to the procedure. The average cost of ear surgery is over $3,000.00, and that doesn’t include anesthesia, room charge, and other fees. Most people will need to pay for the procedure out of pocket, but insurance may cover it if it is correcting medical issues and restoring hearing. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier to discuss the procedure before having the surgery. 

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