Ear pinning surgery cost varies for each patient 

Ear pinning surgery cost is a common concern for Charlotte, NC patients considering the procedure. Since many people will need to pay the cost out of their own pocket, patients want to know how much they will need to save before undergoing the surgery. However, as they will learn, many different factors determine the cost of the procedure, so each patient’s total will be different. 

 Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can treat a variety of different ear issues 

Otoplasty is the medical term for ear pinning, which is a common procedure for both children and adults. The procedure is often used to move protruding ears back towards the skull, hence the term ear pinning. However, ear pinning can also correct damage done to the ear from an injury, defects in the ear structure, and overly large ears.  

This cosmetic procedure is not limited to adults. Many children may have this procedure before entering school, so no teasing occurs. Children must be between five and six years of age to have the surgery, and the doctor will be able to advise if the child is a candidate following a consultation.  

The cost of ear pinning includes many different factors 

Ear pinning surgery cost varies as many different factors go into determining the price. One of the biggest factors is the actual procedure that is being done. If only a small amount of work needs to be done to the ear, it would be less than if multiple areas need to be reshaped. Another factor is the location of the provider, and some areas may cost more than others.  

The surgery alone can cost a couple of thousand dollars. And that’s just for the surgery. The cost of anesthesia, the operating room, recovery room, and any medications given to the patient would all need to be added in. The surgeon will be able to provide an estimate following a consultation.  

Most patients will need to pay the bill out of their own pocket 

Since ear pinning is a usually done for cosmetic reasons, most insurance companies will not help cover ear pinning surgery cost. However, if it is done for medical reasons, such as to restore hearing to a person, insurance may chip in. All patients should contact their insurance companies before surgery to see if it is covered and get more information.  

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