Protruding ears can lead patients to feel self conscious about their appearance 

Ear pinning is a popular procedure in Charlotte, NC and around the country. Ear pinning refers to a surgery that corrects the shape and look of a person’s ears. Patients with protruding ears, or ears that stick out farther than normal from the head, may often undergo ear pinning to reshape the ear and move it closer to the skull. Patients may feel self conscious about their appearance if they have this ear issue and may even experience teasing.  

 Both adults and children can undergo the procedure. Many adults may have it done for the first time, or they may have a surgery corrected. Children as young as five may be able to have the procedure. In fact, some doctors recommend children having the procedure before they start school to avoid experiencing teasing.  The doctor will be able to advise if your child is a good candidate for the surgery.  

Ear pinning involves moving the ear closer to the skull 

When performing an ear pinning procedure, the doctor will make an incision on the back of the ear, which helps hide any scar left behind from view. The doctor then reshapes and sculpts the ear to move it back closer to the head. Then, to keep the ear looking natural, the doctor will do any reshaping that is needed on other parts of the ear. When done correctly, ear pinning should leave patients with ears moved closer to the head, but the ears should look natural as well. 

It takes about four weeks for patients to fully heal 

Many patients want to know about the recovery time when considering surgery as it will impact their jobs and daily life. It is recommended that patients have someone stay with them the first night or two after the procedure. Most patients feel good enough to resume activities after those two days. However, the bandage will stay on the ear for about five to seven days, and some patients feel self conscious about going out in public with the bandage and may stay in.  

It is important patients follow their doctor’s post care instructions carefully. Care should be taken when removing clothing or going out not to bump the ear as it could impact the results. The ear is usually not fully healed for about four weeks after the procedure.  

The cost of ear pinning varies for each patient 

Patients who are considering ear pinning often want to know the cost so they can be sure they have enough money to cover the procedure. Unfortunately, there is no set cost for the procedure. It is estimated that the average cost for the surgery alone is over $3,100.00. Anesthesia, recovery room, and other fees will also need to be added into the cost. The type of procedure and location of your doctor also play a factor in determining the price.  

Most people will be expected to pay this price out of pocket as most insurance plans do not cover ear pinning. If the procedure is done for medical reasons, however, insurance may help cover the cost. Be sure to speak with your insurance provider before surgery to see if any of the surgery is covered. 

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