Droopy eyelids can cause issues with patient’s vision

Droopy eyelid surgery can help Charlotte, NC patients who have developed heavy upper eyelids as they age. While some people may choose to get this corrected for cosmetic reasons, some patients may suffer from impaired vision due to their upper eyelids. Droopy eyelids can be rectified via upper eyelid surgery performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

Upper eyelid surgery uses an incision that is hidden in the folds of the eye

Since the eyes are one of the first things people may notice about you, it is important results from your droopy eyelid surgery look natural and have minimal scarring. Upper eyelid procedures remove excess muscle, fat, and skin through an incision that is made in the folds of the eye, making it easy to hide and resulting in minimal scarring.

Additional procedures may be suggested to be performed with an eyelid surgery

Eyes are an important feature of the face, so it is important to keep looking natural. Your surgeon may suggest additional procedures be performed in conjunction with your eyelid surgery to help keep the face looking its best. Brow lifts are often performed with eyelid surgery as that also helps lift and tighten the skin on the face.

Finding the best surgeon is important

Patients who are considering surgery for their droopy eyelids want to be sure they find the best surgeon possible. An experienced surgeon is more apt to give them the results they want than an inexperienced one. If patients receive undesirable results, they may need to undergo additional procedures at an extra cost that they did not budget for.

Patients can look at a variety of things to help them find the best surgeon. Patients should read up on the surgeon’s experience and see if they are board certified as opposed to just licensed. To receive a board certification, patients must undergo additional training.

Browsing the doctor’s photo gallery online is can also help determine if this is the best surgeon. Look at the after pictures to see if the results look natural and are in line with what you desire. If not, keep looking for a surgeon.

Lastly, patients will need to have an initial consultation with their surgeon. Ask the doctor any and all questions you have during this time. Tour the office and surgical rooms to see if you feel comfortable in them as well.

Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. Be sure to contact Dr. Freeman’s office today to discuss your possible droopy eyelid surgery and see how you may benefit from the procedure.