PRESS RELEASE — The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc.,® is hosting another annual meeting wherein surgeons gather to discuss and share techniques about facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with other surgeons.

Established in 1986, the organization’s mission was to improve quality medical and surgical treatments through careful examination of surgeons’ professional expertise in the areas of facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. As part of this mission, they constantly check the quality of the services of their members by creating a mechanism for the education, qualification, training, review, and certification of surgeons.

The annual meeting happening this month is one of the organization’s programs wherein top-rated surgeons are invited to train fellow surgeons on techniques that are highly successful. This year, Dr. Sean Freeman of Only Faces is honored to be invited as one of the meeting’s speakers.

Dr. Freeman will be sharing brow lift surgery and lower lid surgery techniques that he pioneered. These techniques make use of an endoscope to see the internal structure of the forehead. These require minimal incisions, are longer-lasting, look more natural, and allow patients to completely regain sensation.

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