Skin loses elasticity as you age

Brow lift and forehead lift are two terms Charlotte, NC patients, and people across the country, use interchangeably. And while they can mean the same thing, it depends on the person. As people age, their skin starts to develop wrinkles and lose its elasticity. This can leave people looking tired and aged and can be a big problem around the eyes and forehead. 

Often, patients visit their surgeon for a consultation thinking they need one procedure, but really they would benefit from another. In other words, what they thought one procedure does, it really doesn’t do. Your facial plastic surgeon will be able to advise on which procedures will give you the best results, without leaving you looking overly worked on. 

Brow lifts can help alleviate droopy eyes and smooth wrinkles

Brow lift and forehead lift are two terms people use for a surgery that smooths out the forehead. In most cases, a brow lift can be done using many techniques, of which your doctor will determine the best one for you following a consultation. With this procedure, the surgeon works to reposition your brows back to their normal position. Fortunately, this helps relieve droopy eyes and can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, leaving patients feeling refreshed and looking younger. 

A brow lift focuses on the area above the eyes. This includes the eyebrows and, often, the forehead. Be sure to discuss with your doctor if you have concerns about your forehead, as the type of technique used may not have make the impact to your forehead you want

Forehead lifts actually lifts the forehead

Brow lift and forehead lift both have multiple benefits. When people discuss forehead lifts or surgeries, there are a couple types they may be referring to. Commonly, a forehead lift works to lift the forehead and eliminate wrinkles. In addition, this is done by making an incision along the hairline which smooths out the skin. 

Finding the best surgeon to perform these procedures is important 

Whether you’re having a brow lift or forehead lift, you want to be sure you get the best surgeon possible. Brow lift and forehead lift can leave patients with a frozen, overly worked on look when done properly. Be sure to vet your surgeon and check their credentials. In addition, it’s a good idea to look at their photo gallery for both ideas and to ensure you like the results you’ll get with that physician. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are considering either a brow lift of forehead lift should schedule an appointment with Dr. Sean Freeman. Not only has Dr. Freeman has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988, but he is also double board certified. Contact his office to schedule your appointment today.