Patient 3650Are you thinking about correcting issues around your eyes?

Eyelift surgery can be required for more than cosmetic reasons. Due to the delicate nature of the skin surrounding them, the eyes are the first part of the face that begins to age. Many adults as young as 35 are candidates for lower eyelid surgery.

However, not every person will be an ideal candidate. If you suffer from thyroid and diabetes problems, have blurred or double vision it may be recommended that you should not go through with this kind of procedure. During a first consultation, double board-certified Dr. Freeman will ask if you are on medication, or even if you smoke because this can have an effect, and can lead to problems.

Who are candidates for eye lift surgery in Charlotte NC?

If you’re getting older and your eyes don’t have the glow of vigilance and interest they used to have. Alternatively, it may be some medical reason. Such operations have been performed for literally hundreds of years.

If your problem is that, your skin has sunk above your eyelids and has sank into its space. This can mean that eyebrow lift surgery is not necessary and will instead be offered an endoscopic brow lift. This delivers the aesthetic benefits of smoother foreheads, such as a younger, more open eye expression.

More youthful looking eyes are something that many Charlotte NC residents wish to have because eyes are one of the first areas, which begin to display signs of aging in the first place. There are often fine lines around the eyes and fatty deposits. You may quickly find how you can make your eyes look younger again with your facial cosmetic surgeon.

Surgical procedures and recovery time

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Freeman, takes a fresh approach to eye lift surgery. He will make accurate judgments about how much skin and muscle to remove. While you will want a youthful expression, your eyelid will still need to be able to close over the eyes once it has healed.

There will be some bruising and swelling for several days after eye lift surgery, and there can be some itching and dryness. This subsides after a while. You’ll also find that if your stitches don’t dissolve on their own, it’s just a quick visit to Dr. Freeman to have them removed after about 5 days.

Patients should refrain from reading and watching television for the first few days, as it is crucial not to overburden the eyes and make sure they get enough rest and sleep.

Who is the best person to speak to in Charlotte NC?

Dr. Freeman is the most recognized facial plastic surgeon in the region. He is double board certified and has practiced facial plastic surgery since 1988. It is his areas of expertise, and the one, which he solely focuses.

Being Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, no one can match the attention to detail, and the results he can achieve.

If you are considering eye lift surgery at any time, all you need to do is contact Dr. Freeman for your no-obligation first consultation. He will go through all you need to do, and he will explain what his expected results will be after he has given you a thorough examination.