Patient 6574Will facial rejuvenation make me look younger?

Facelift surgical procedures are a part of an overall facial rejuvenation process. These procedures are happening for a number of reasons. Males and females are living much longer than before. However, the most important reason for this shift is the major innovations in facial anti-aging techniques, which have taken place in recent decades.

The rejuvenation of the face includes facial cosmetic procedures, which are specifically designed for helping men, and women look younger. They alter the balancing, proportioning, and symmetry of facial features and significantly influence your aesthetics and overall symmetry. If you are considering plastic surgery, read on and you can see how a Charlotte NC facelift can help you.

Best facial plastic surgeon on Charlotte NC

Dr. Freeman has been practicing facial rejuvenation techniques for surgeries such as facelifts and brow lifts for over 30 years. His procedures include upper and lower eyelid surgery, and are tailored to allow patients to appear as young as they feel.

Dr. Freeman is best known for his facial plastic surgery, and has developed many procedures. On the lower face, the delicate procedure involves Dr. Freeman using highly skilled techniques to tighten the loose skin of the lower part of the face. This procedure addresses the neck and jowls, sagging skin near the jaw line, which may gradually develop, as we get older, as the skin loosens and loses its elasticity.

Facelift surgery goals from Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

The objective of a facelift operation is the restoration of the “you” from a few years ago. In other words, Dr. Freeman is not attempting to rethink the patient’s facial structure.

He is attempting to return them back to their original appearance. The key to the facelift procedure is appearing natural. The better outcomes are that the patient appears to have been losing weight or taking a long vacation. Being “you ” is key to the success of the facelift procedure. This is especially important to realize because “natural” is not a goal for all cosmetic surgeons or their patients.

Combining procedures for maximum results

Patients will often have their face lift surgery combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures. By combining the surgeries, costs and recovery time are reduced. Dr. Freeman will often recommend face lift surgery in conjunction with upper or lower eyelid surgery.

Frequently, the aging process affects more than one feature of the face. There are also instances where the patient undergoes a facelift procedure and brow lift at the same time. Dr. Freeman uses sedation, meaning that there are not the usual risks that are usually associated with general anesthesia. The facelift is a painless and extremely safe procedure, which is something most men and women do not know.

Contacting the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Now you see that regaining a youthful look can be quick and painless, there is nothing stopping you from taking the next steps.

This is easy and you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces for your initial consultation. He will guide you through all you need to know, and after an examination, he can advise what the expected results will be. Speaking to Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon means you will be in the best hands possible.