My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom, so I need to plan ahead.

My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom

My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom
I just found out my daughter wants her nose fixed for prom in Charlotte NC. She’s always been kind of self-conscious about her nose, but she wasn’t old enough for rhinoplasty until she turned 15. Now she really wants it fixed before all those prom photos get taken. I told her “Obviously your boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with your nose or he wouldn’t be your boyfriend,” and she just rolled her eyes and said “Dad, it’s not about what he wants, it’s about what I want.” Okay, then. All I needed to know.

This is going to take some planning. First of all, she’s going to have to learn to wear contact lenses, because you can’t wear glasses during the recovery period. In fact, the first part of the recovery period should be spent at home away from other people, so it’s best to schedule the operation for just before Christmas. She’s going to need to avoid blowing her nose for a while. This will mean avoiding anyone with colds and flu, which will mean washing her hands often and not being too social. She should be back to normal well before prom. I’ll have to tell the grandparents not to give her any sweaters for Christmas, because you can’t put on a pullover sweater while your nose is healing.

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