Need Rhinoplasty: My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom


My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom

My daughter wants her nose fixed for prom. The full recovery time for rhinoplasty is a year, but your life and appearance get back to normal after several weeks, so there’s still plenty of time. What I wasn’t sure of was whether she was old enough for rhinoplasty to be a good idea. It turns out that a girl’s nose is fully mature around age 15, so this at least is not a problem.


Since my daughter wants her nose fixed for prom, there’s a few things she’s going to have to adjust to:

  • She wears glasses, and is a little squeamish about contact lenses. This is going to take some work, because it turns out that after a nose job you need to avoid wearing glasses for three weeks or so.
  • She likes pullover sweaters. Unfortunately, for about the same amount of time, those are going to be out, since they would put pressure on her nose while it’s still healing.
  • She’s going to need to avoid blowing her nose for a while. This will mean avoiding colds and flu, which will mean washing her hands often and avoiding other people. It would probably be a good idea to schedule the surgery for late in the year, so she can stay home over the holidays.
  • She’s going to need to avoid exercising for a few weeks. She’s on the basketball team, so this would normally be a problem. Again, best to schedule it for the holiday break.


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