The cost of a nose job in Charlotte, NC depends on a variety of factors

Cost of a nose job can vary for Charlotte, NC residents. Unfortunately, there is no magical number that is the average cost of a nose job, as many different factors must be taken in into consideration when determining how much a patient will need to pay.

Different fees, type of work done, and other fees all help determine the cost of the procedure

The cost of a nose job includes many different fees which can make the total cost of the procedure seem daunting. Charlotte, NC patients should plan to spend between $5,000.00 and $12,000.00 on a nose job. Cheaper rates are not always a good thing, and may, in fact, be a red flag. Surgeons who quote extremely low prices may not be as experienced or may not give patients the best results.

Surgeon fees are what most people equate with the cost of a nose job. But, that is not the only cost associated with the total. Patients will need to visit the doctor prior to, and following surgery, these visits should be considered in the total. The cost of the recovery room, any medication used, anesthesia, materials, and more all are part of the total cost.

Before surgery, patients will need to have a consultation with the surgeon. This meeting between the patient and doctor will typically have a fee, and this fee is generally not included in the total cost.

Insurance will not cover the majority of nose job surgeries

Potential nose job patients should anticipate covering the entire cost of the procedure. Insurance may cover some of the cost if a nose job is done for medical reasons, but it does not usually pay for nose jobs for cosmetic reasons. Patients should contact their insurance company before surgery to see if it will be covered.

Choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon is important when considering the cost of surgery

Since the cost of a nose job can be steep, it is important to choose the surgeon that will give you the best results. Having an experienced surgeon who will get patients the results they desire is important, so patients do not have to pay to have a second surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is a second nose job that corrects problems from a previous nose job. Paying for a revision rhinoplasty can be an added expense most people do not plan on.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents considering a nose job, should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman is the area’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and takes pride in making patients look their best and feel great about themselves. Be sure to contact Dr. Freeman’s office to discuss everything from the cost of a nose job to what he can do to help you achieve your desired results.