Cost of neck lift varies for each patient 

Cost of neck lift can vary for each patient in Charlotte, NC. People considering, or planning on, undergoing a neck lift have many things to consider, the cost of the procedure included. However, the cost of neck lift will vary for each patient as many different factors go into determining the cost of the procedure.  

Neck lift removes signs of aging around the neck 

Patients who undergo a neck lift are often doing it to remove signs of aging in the neck and lower face. Neck lifts remove excess, saggy skin that is caused by aging and create jowls, fat deposits on the lower face, and even some wrinkles. Neck lifts target the lower facial area, so they are a popular choice for people whose upper face does not need any work done. However,  the procedure also pairs well with facelifts. The two together target the entire face, to give it a refreshed look.  

The goal of a neck lift is not only to remove sagging neck skin but to do it in a way that looks natural. Neck lifts contour the neck, but it is important to avoid leaving the skin looking stretched out.   

Patients should ask their surgeon for a cost estimate following a consultation 

Insurance does not cover most plastic surgery procedures. Neck lifts included. For that reason, many patients want to know the cost beforehand so they can save the money to pay for the surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of neck lifts in 2016 was $4,528.00. However, this price is the average, and it could be higher or lower depending on your location and the experience of the surgeon.  

Other fees would also need to be added into that quote, as it refers to the cost of the surgery only. Other charges such as anesthesia, operating and recovery room fee, and the price of prescribed medications would also be applied. The cost of pre and post surgery appointments are additional costs. Most patients would need to pay an initial consultation fee as well, but this is typically a separate fee that is paid upfront. Your surgeon should be able to give you a quote and price breakdown following a consultation. And, even though insurance doesn’t typically cover the surgery or related care, it never hurts to check with your insurance provider to confirm.  

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