Cosmetic surgery is an ideal solution for a youthful look.

Cosmetic surgery for a youthful look

Countless people depend upon cosmetic surgery for a youthful look. When it comes to aging, the most noticeable part of the body is the face. At the first sign of aging, most people try to look younger by making lifestyle changes. First of all, they become more careful about staying in the sun for long hours. Eating more fruits and vegetables along with regular exercise also helps. Eventually, these changes can become a case of too little, too late. The best option available is cosmetic surgery.

The facelift is often considered to be a definitive rejuvenating procedure. A facelift is surgery that literally lifts and tightens the skin and tissue on the face. The results appear to take several years off one’s appearance. Patients should understand that this surgery is much more involved than Botox injections or microdermabrasion. You can expect to endure some recovery time after surgery, but many patients report that the results make the procedure totally worth it.

Eyelid Surgery
Men and women experience their eyes starting to droop as they age. This makes them look tired and/or older. Eyelid surgery is one of the most effective ways to take years off of one’s appearance. It is a wonderful solution for eliminating “crow’s feet” and those folds around the eyes.

Forehead lift
One of the most prominent areas for deep furrowed wrinkles is the forehead. This may be a hereditary trait, and in other cases, it is because a person consistently resorts to certain facial expressions. As it is so aptly named, the procedure lifts skin in the forehead area, reducing or eliminating most of those deep wrinkles, if not all of them.

Natural facial plastic surgery in Charlotte
Dr. Freeman specializes in faces only. As Charlotte’s most experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has refined existing techniques and created new ones. Many of his techniques have been adopted by surgeons across the country. Dr. Freeman’s patients enjoy the benefit of individualized treatment plans, and techniques that are a little more refined. Every patient is carefully assessed, to determine what they want changed, and what procedures would give them the best possible results. If you choose Dr. Freeman for a refreshed, natural facelift, you will be provided with complete and simple instructions to follow before and after surgery. This will ensure that you experience a comfortable recovery. Dr. Freeman has satisfied patients all over North Carolina and from throughout the Southeast. Call his office for cosmetic surgery for a youthful look