Getting cosmetic surgery for a younger look

To get cosmetic surgery for a younger look, look for an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery for a younger look in Charlotte NC
Whether you’re in your late thirties or early sixties, you may be able to benefit from cosmetic surgery for a younger look. It’s important to get the opinion of an experienced facial plastic surgeon on exactly how much and what kind of surgery you might need.

If you need a facelift, for example, the next question is what kind of facelift you need. A younger patient, or one who has aged fairly well, might only need something like the “weekend face lift” or the SignatureLift developed by Dr. Sean Freeman of Charlotte NC. This would mean a quicker recovery time. An older patient might need a minituck or even a deep plane facelift, and would need to set aside more time for recovery.

Brow, eye and neck lifts
The thing about cosmetic surgery for a younger look is that it isn’t a good idea to concentrate on one part of the face unless that part of the face is showing more signs of age than the rest. So if you’re having a face lift, you may also want a brow lift, eye lift and/or neck lift. For any of these procedures, you will want an experienced plastic surgeon to study the aging pattern of the skin and figure out how to reverse it. In the case of a brow lift, this may involve using an endoscope to look under your skin. You might only need BOTOX and/or fillers to deal with small wrinkles and crow’s feet.

If you need a neck lift, the surgeon will need to examine your neck to see if the problem is just skin, or if the fat under the skin needs to be removed or repositioned, or the muscles tightened. If you need an eye lift, the surgeon will need to determine if the upper or lower lid needs to be worked on, or both. All these things require experience.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
The best surgeon to go to if you want cosmetic surgery for a younger look is Dr. Sean Freeman. An innovator in successful cosmetic surgery techniques, he’s been doing nothing but cosmetic surgery since 1988 and has been certified by two different boards. Get cosmetic surgery for a younger look by making an appointment or scheduling an online consultation with his office today.