Is Cosmetic surgery is the right choice for some teen?

Cosmetic surgery is the right choice for some teen?
A lot of parents are wondering… cosmetic surgery is the right choice for some teen? Many teenagers want cosmetic surgery of some form or another. Teenagers tend to be more sensitive about their looks than adults, and more subject to social judgment from their peers. The pressure to be more attractive hits them harder than it does anybody else. But most forms of cosmetic surgery, such as a nose job, require that the physical features of the patient be fully developed, and this doesn’t happen until the late teenage years. An exception to this is otoplasty, or ear surgery, which can be done at almost any time and is usually gotten out of the way before age five.

The answer to the question “Cosmetic surgery is the right choice for some teen?” lies with the teen himself or herself. Parents must try to make an unbiased assessment of the maturity of their son or daughter and how consistently he or she has expressed the wish for a major change in his or her personal appearance. The teen should have a long discussion not only with his or he parents, but with the surgeon, so that he or she can express his or her hopes and expectations precisely.

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A good rhinoplasty surgeon can give the nose of a teenager a thorough examination and figure out the best way to perform the surgery. Look for a surgeon with a state-of-the-art suite for operations and an extensive collection of before and after photos that includes rhinoplasty for teens.

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