Learning whether cosmetic surgery is the right choice for my teen

Getting a consultation- is cosmetic surgery the right choice for my teen?

Is cosmetic surgery the right choice for my teen?
Many parents in Charlotte NC are asking “Is cosmetic surgery the right choice for my teen?” This depends on two things — the maturity of the teenager in question, and the form of plastic surgery he or she wants. Many teenagers want some form of cosmetic surgery — they tend to be more sensitive about their looks than adults, and more subject to social judgment from their peers and the pressure to be more attractive.

The trouble is that some forms of plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, should only be performed on those whose features have fully matured — 15 in the case of girls, 17 in the case of boys. Even if your son or daughter has reached this age, you should still talk with him or her and make sure he or she is clear on what he or she wants and expects.

Laser acne treatment is not subject to this limitation. After a little topical anesthetic, a laser can be used to shrink overactive oil glands in the face. And if a teen has gotten a tattoo that he or she already wants to get rid of for some reason, such as unfashionability, poor spelling or the discovery that what the tattoo artist thought was the Chinese character for “freedom” actually means “no charge,” laser tattoo removal is a procedure that can be performed on a teenager. Then there is otoplasty, or ear surgery, which can be performed on children of almost any age.

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