The chin plays a big roll in determining your facial structure 

Chin surgery is a popular procedure for both men and women in the Charlotte, NC area. A strong chin is a desired trait, and the chin impacts the look of the jawline and neck. Luckily, there are options available for patients who are unhappy with the way their chin looks. Implants and fillers are both options to help improve a person’s appearance. 

Chin fillers are a temporary solution for patients 

Chin fillers may not technically be a type of chin surgery, but they are an option for patients looking for a temporary fix. If you are unsure you want to permanently alter your chin, chin fillers a good way to see how your face will look different with a stronger chin. Since fillers are temporary, additional injections will be needed to maintain the results. 

Chin implants are a popular chin surgery option 

For patients looking to make a permanent change to their appearance, chin implants may be the better option. The surgery itself is quite fast, typically lasting less than an hour, but the results are permanent.  

For this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision either inside the mouth or under the chin and insert the implant through there. The implant is placed in a pocket on the chin created by the surgeon. Since it is implanted in this pocket, it grows to become a part of the bone structure, making the implant permanent. 

Patients will need to take medication prior to and following surgery 

Patients preparing to have chin surgery will need to take antibiotics prior to surgery and keep taking them after surgery as well. This helps prevent infections from forming after surgery. Other prescriptions and over the counter medications can impact recovery, so it is important patients discuss all medications they are taking prior to surgery. For example, traditional painkillers ibuprofen and aspirin can affect the blood, which can cause issues after surgery.  

Most patients are able to return to work and activities within a week. The bruising and swelling will go down within a week to ten days, allowing patients to feel confident in their appearance before returning to activities. Some patients may experience a stiffness or tightness around the mouth when smiling or speaking after surgery. However, this is temporary and will fade.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

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