The chin can impact how your face and neck look 

Chin implant can have a significant impact on how Charlotte, NC residents faces and necks look. Having a strong chin is often a desirable trait in both men and women as the chin can have a big impact on the way a person looks. It can make the jawline look more defined and can even affect how the neck looks. For people with weak chins or chins that make the face look disproportional, a chin implant is an option to help improve their appearance. 

Chin implants are inserted through the mouth or chin 

The surgeon will insert the chin implant either through an incision inside the mouth or via an incision under the chin. The doctor will determine where the incision will go following an examination and discussion of your goals.  

Once the incision is made, the doctor will then put the implant into a pocket that is made in the chin bone. Eventually, this implant will become a part of the bone, making a chin implant permanent. The actual implant may be a standard one or one that is custom made for you. The surgeon will determine which implant will work best for you.  

Recovery will generally last a week, but patients will need to prepare for surgery as well 

Though chin implant surgery only takes an hour or less, patients will need to prepare for surgery and plan for recovery. Prior to surgery patients needs to discuss any medical issues with the mouth and gums with their surgeon. They will also need to take antibiotics before surgery and continue taking them after surgery. 

Most people recover from chin implant within a week. However, bruising and swelling may persist for a week or little over a week, which may make people self conscious. The sutures are removed pretty quickly and generally come out in five or six days. Patients may experience stiffness in the chin and mouth area resulting in a tight sensation when smiling or talking for a little bit after surgery but this will fade.   

Chin implant can be done alone or in addition to other procedures.  

Chin implant can be done on their own, and often are done in place of a nose job. But if it is decided a chin implant may through off the balance of the face, your surgeon may recommend additional procedures. Chin implant is often done in conjunction with neck surgery, rhinoplasty, and facelifts.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon is Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman has focused exclusively on aesthetic facial plastic surgery since 1988 and is double board certified. Dr. Freeman takes great pride in helping patients achieve their goals and look and feel their best. Be sure to contact his office today if you are considering chin implant to schedule your consultation.