A strong chin can have a big impact on your appearance

Chin implant is a way for Charlotte, NC residents to make a big change to their appearance. A strong chin can do a lot to improve your appearance, it can help create a stronger jawline and balance out your face. Though some people are genetically predisposed to having a weaker chin, others may find excess fat and sagging skin as they age can lead to a weak chin. 

Chin implants are permanent once they are put in

One benefit for people when they are deciding whether or not to have a chin implant, is that they are permanent. They grow to become a part of the bone of your chin, giving you lasting results and a stronger chin for life. 

When you have a chin implant, your surgeon will may prescribe antibiotics for you to take in the weeks leading up to your surgery. This helps prevent infection from occurring after surgery. You’ll have to continue to take this medication after surgery as well.

Your surgeon may put in the chin implant through an incision under your chin or in your mouth along the gum and tooth line in the front. The implant is placed in a groove that your doctor creates where it slowly grows to become part of the chin itself. Your doctor will choose or create a chin implant for you prior to surgery that will fit your face best. 

Most people return to work within a week

Once your chin implant is finished, you’ll need time to rest and recover. You should expect to experience swelling and bruising after surgery. You may also feel the skin around your chin, jaw, and neck is tight, especially while speaking. This will fade over time. Most patients have their stitches removed within five to seven days. Then they feel comfortable returning to work and activities at that time. 

When considering facial plastic surgery, such as a chin implant, people often worry about visible scars being left behind. If your incision is made inside the mouth, any scar will be hidden. Chin implant incisions made under the chin are typically made so they blend in with the folds of the neck or are hidden under the chin. However, it isn’t visible. If scarring is a concern for you, be sure to discuss this with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

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