Planning for what comes after chin implant recovery is important
Chin implant recovery is an important step in Charlotte, NC patients’ surgical journey. Whether you’re having medical surgery or procedure for cosmetic reasons, planning for after surgery is just as important as planning for surgery. But, it is a step that can easily be missed until the end, leaving people scrambling to make arrangements at home, work, and other activities.

Though the surgeon will go over what to do after the procedure, it’s never too early to ask about it. Once you’ve saved up the funds and are ready to move ahead, ask your doctor more about chin implant recovery and what you should prepare for.

Chin implant recovery takes about a week
In comparison to other plastic surgery recovery times, chin implant recovery is relatively quick. Most patients are recovered enough to return to work and activities within five to seven days. However, it’s still important to plan for your chin implant recovery. It will take a few days of rest and help.

Immediately after surgery, it will cause swelling and bruising. There will also be stitches in either under the chin or inside the mouth depending on where the surgeon made the incision. It’s important to keep these areas as clean as possible and there may be prescribed antibiotics to prevent that from occurring after surgery. Ice and elevation may be recommended by the doctor for the first few days after surgery as they begin to heal.

As part of your chin implant recovery planning, you should make arrangements to be off work and away from activities for a week or two. This gives you time to heal and the swelling and bruising to fade. Plus, most people have their stitches removed in this time, making the incision less noticeable. You may also experience tightness in the chin, jaw, and neck area for a while, especially when speaking. This should fade within time.

Scars are generally well hidden and not visible
May patients ask what they can do during chin implant recovery to prevent scarring. However, scars from the chin implant incision are generally well hidden on their own. If the incision is made under your chin, it’s made to go with the contours of the chin, allowing it to blend in. It can also be easily covered with makeup. Some people may have the incision made inside their mouths, preventing a visible scar from developing on the outside.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
Plan your chin implant recovery before surgery day. Dr. Sean Freeman can help. As the area’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, he has vast experience with chin implants. He can guide you through each step of the process. Contact his office today to schedule your appointment.