Chin implant recovery times typically lasts ten days total for Charlotte, NC patients, discover what to expect after surgery.

What to expect after surgery is a big question patients have when considering a procedure
Chin implant recovery time is one of the first things Charlotte, NC patients considering a chin implant want to learn about. As time off from work and activities are needed, many patients want to be able to prepare in advance for what will happen after surgery.

Chin implants can give patients a stronger profile
Many patients undergo surgery to get a chin implant to create a stronger profile or add balance to their face by creating a stronger chin. Having a strong chin or profile are often desirable traits in both men and women, and a chin implant can help patients achieve this. However, just a chin implant itself may not be the only thing needed. Since the chin plays a significant role in your appearance and facial balance, the surgeon may recommend other procedures, such as rhinoplasty, along with a chin implant to give you the best, most natural looking results possible.

Chin implant recovery time can last about a week
Patients should anticipate chin implant recovery time to be about a week to ten days. Like with any surgery, bruising and swelling around the incision sites is common. The doctor will generally remove stitches within five to six days, and the swelling and bruising will go down shortly after that. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work and activities in a week to ten days.

Incisions are made either inside the mouth or under the chin. The placement of the incision can create some stiffness when patients speak or smile. This will fade with time, but patients should be careful not to overextend until the area is fully healed. The doctor will determine the best place to make the incision following an examination. If the incision is made under the chin, the doctor will blend it into the skin as seamlessly as possible. If you are concerned about visible scarring, be sure to discuss it with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Lastly, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to take before surgery and after. These will help prevent infections, especially if the incisions are made inside the mouth. Be sure to take them as directed to ensure you have the smoothest surgery and recovery possible.

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