Will a Chin Implant for a better job work?

I’m getting a chin implant for a better job

“Will a chin implant get me a better job?”
You may from time to time have asked yourself “Will a chin implant get me a better job?”

Having a good résumé, willing personality and the right contacts are usually key factors in one’s career advancement in Charlotte NC. But it’s a fact that people (especially those who do the hiring) tend to be unconsciously biased in favor of those who are more attractive. It’s also true that a strong, prominent but not exaggerated chin conveys an impression (deserved or otherwise) of strength, integrity, purpose and decisiveness in both men and women. The chin bone also acts as the tentpole for the muscles of the neck, helping them stay taut and avoiding the everpresent turkey wattles. So the answer to the question “Will a chin implant get me a better job?” is “If your chin is weak or underdeveloped, it will probably help.”

This is how a chin implant is performed. First, the implant is chosen to fit your face, or custom-made if necessary. Then the surgeon makes an incision under the chin, creates a pocket on the chin bone and inserts the implant. The sutures come out less than a week later. There may be swelling and bruising around the chin and neck, which lasts for a week to ten days. Be sure to take some oral antibiotics both before and after the procedure to protect me from infection.

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Dr. Sean Freeman is undoubtedly the number one surgeon for chin implants in Charlotte NC. He has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has done only facial plastic surgery since 1988, including everything from laser tattoo removal to port wine stain treatment, and chin and cheek implants. He hasn’t had to take out a chin implant in twenty years. If you’ve ever wondered “Will a chin implant get me a better job?” call today or schedule an online consultation for a discount on the consultation fee.