I need to get some cheek implants for my face in Charlotte.

I need cheek implants for my face in Charlotte
So I’ve decided the time has come for me to get cheek implants for my face in Charlotte. My cheekbones have always been kind of narrow and undersized, which I think makes me look not so much unattractive as unnoticeable. I’ll have to stay off aspirin, ibuprofen and herbal supplements for a few weeks, not to mention stock up on soft foods like gelatin, yogurt and those meal replacement shakes that I don’t really like, but if I buy enough different brands I’m bound to find a good one.

I’m told that the implants are usually put in the cheeks by way of incisions inside the mouth. This is how the surgeon makes sure there isn’t going to be any visible scarring. Cheek implants for my face in Charlotte can be made of Medpor, which is a high-density porous polyethylene (a kind of plastic) or Gore-Tex (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene). They’re usually placed in such a way as to augment the cheekbones, the area just below the cheekbones, or both. Sometiems the sugreon can do the same thing by implanting a fatty deposit. Filler injections are sometimes used, but most of these are only temporary — and permanent fillers sometimes cause adverse reactions. Cheek implants for my face in Charlotte work better and last much longer.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
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