Cheek implants can help improve patients’ looks  

Cheek implants are a way for Charlotte, NC patients to improve their looks. Often, people desire prominent cheekbones to enhance their looks, or they may have asymmetrical cheeks they want to be corrected. They can be used both to make the cheeks look hollow if desired, or look fuller if that is the result you want. Cheek implants are an option for long lasting results that can help patients feel better about the way they look. 

Cheek implants offer long term solution 

While there are many different cheek procedures patients can have to improve the look of their mid face, cheek implants offer long lasting results. Long lasting results mean patients will not have to spend money on maintaining their results. 

Doctors insert cheek implants via an incision in the mouth 

Since the doctor inserts the cheek implants through an incision in the mouth, no scar is visible. The implants the surgeon uses are often made of Gore-Tex or Medpor. Doctors can operate on the cheekbones, below the cheekbones, or both depending on the patient’s goals.  

Cheek implants have other benefits too. Since the skin is pulled tighter, it can help correct other signs of aging as well. Often it will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the face, giving patients younger looking skin.  

Recovery time for cheek implant surgery can be about three weeks total 

Cheek implants have a longer recovery time than some surgeries, like eyelid surgeries, but have shorter healing time than others. It typically takes about three weeks for patients to fully heal from the procedure. During that time they may need to limit their exposure to the outside.  

Since the skin of the face is often pulled tight on the face and the incision is made in the mouth, patients will have to be on a soft food diet for the first week or so. Patients will also not be able to speak for the first week after surgery, so the incision area has time to heal.  

As with most surgeries, cheek implant procedures will leave patients experiencing bruising and swelling after the procedure. Both the bruising and swelling typically fade within seven to ten days. Your surgeon will be sure to discuss the recovery time and important things to know before surgery. 

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents considering cheek implants should contact Dr. Sean Freeman’s office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has focused exclusively on aesthetic facial plastic surgery since 1988. At your consultation, Dr. Freeman can discuss your goals, the procedure, and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to call his office to schedule your appointment today.