Cheek augmentation surgery can restore volume in cheeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on Charlotte, NC patients.

Cheeks can start to sag and look hollow as people age
Cheek augmentation surgery can help correct many concerns Charlotte, NC patients may notice in their cheeks and mid face. Some patients may start to see the skin in their midface sag or look wrinkled as they age. Others still may notice their cheeks look hollow or sunken as the skin sags, which can leave people looking older and tired. It is important that cheeks be symmetrical as it can play a significant role in your appearance. If you chew more on one side or speak out of one side of your mouth, that side may become more defined, leaving your cheeks asymmetrical. Cheek augmentation surgery can help correct these issues and more by creating more volume in the midface.

Cheek augmentation surgery includes implants and fat grafting
There are two popular surgeries patients considering cheek augmentation surgery should look consider. The first option is cheek implants. For this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth and insert the implant through there. One benefit of the placement of this incision is that there is no visible scar left once you’ve recovered. However, the doctor can also insert it through an incision under the chin or in the lower eyelid if necessary. The implant is placed in a pocket the doctor creates and gives patients long lasting results.

Another option for cheek augmentation surgery is fat grafting. This procedure is similar to implants, but instead of inserting the implant the doctor will take fat from another area of the patient’s body and put that in the midface.

There is a hidden benefit to these procedures
Though patients will experience more volume in their cheeks, there is another, hidden benefit to cheek augmentation surgery as well. Since the skin will need to stretch to go over the new implant or the fat graft, it will often stretch out and reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the area. It may not help with deep wrinkles, but many patients will see their wrinkles reduced following these procedures.

Recovery lasts about three weeks
Patients should anticipate needing three weeks to recover fully. Bruising and swelling will occur immediately after surgery, but these concerns usually fade within a week. One major thing patients should be aware of post surgery is the fact they will need to be on a soft food diet and limit speaking for a week or so. Since the incisions are inside the mouth, the area around the lips and mouth may be tight for a week or so after surgery. Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders carefully following surgery.

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