Rhinoplasty specialists help you regain functionality by reconstructing nasal passages

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialist helps reconstruct noses to improve breathing. Nasal and airway problems that affect breathing can affect the optimal functionality of the body. Some of the effects you experience include shortness of breath and lower oxygen flow throughout the body.

Nasal reconstruction helps make sure that the patient will breathe normally and enjoy different concepts that can cater to various needs. Therefore, your procedure should cater to the different needs, and they all make a huge difference.

This article focuses on the approach that rhinoplasty surgeons take with reconstructive nose surgery.

Listen to the patient’s needs

Each patient has specific needs, concerns, and goals of surgery often that often come up during the nasal reconstruction. Ideally, the solutions you settle for will be ones that can pass the surgical methods and make a huge difference. Listening to the patient’s needs will allow the surgeon to know what they will go for when they start the whole process.

Check the anatomy of their face

After listening to the patient, the surgeon has to evaluate the case personally. Rhinoplasty procedures are often similar to art, so the surgeon has to check through the medical history. After revising what caused the blockages, they can then assess the patient’s face. Here, the placement is key, and it should be able to fit the surgeon’s needs. Incision placement is one of the things that the surgeon has to focus on throughout surgery to make sure they achieve the best results.

It is important to make sure that the anatomy of the face remains preserved even after the procedure.

Decide on the approach

When planning on the approach, the surgeon understands that the nose job serves both functional and aesthetic properties. Therefore, they must think of how to get the job done without affecting the patient’s overall look so much. Failure to use the right approach can cause scarring on the nose area, something they will live with for the rest of their lives.

Evaluate risks and rewards

Although rhinoplasty surgery is a safe procedure, risks are involved, which is why you need to preserve nasal function. Therefore, the solutions you need to go for must be ones that can achieve the reconstruction without affecting the optimal functioning of the nose.

By evaluating the risk and rewards, the surgeon can communicate them to you as a requirement before the start of the procedure.

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Nasal reconstruction can improve your breathing and boost the optimal functionality of your airway. Hire the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC, for outstanding results.

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