Rhinoplasty results can be affected if you go back to exercising too soon

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty expert helps you get rid of the unimpressive dents or bumps on your nose. The nose job is not only done for aesthetic purposes but your surgeon can help repair unobstructed airways to improve nasal function.

Once the procedure is complete, you have to go through recovery to enjoy the results you desire. The procedure site can be delicate and engaging in exercises can rupture sutures, affecting the healing process. Most people yearn for some action throughout recovery, but it might not be safe yet to go through the whole process. You need to take your doctor’s advice about the exercises to perform.

Here is how to integrate some exercises into your recovery process.

Start slow

Rhinoplasty is still an intrusive treatment that necessitates at least one week of rest, even though it may not be as constricting and dangerous as a stomach tuck or breast augmentation. You can start moving around when that time is up to get your muscles moving a little bit. Even though you may feel excellent when you stand and walk, this does not necessarily indicate that you are prepared to work out so soon after surgery.

Consider aerobics

The day following surgery, you can go for a walk. To reduce the risk of blood clots following surgery, many doctors advise patients to walk as much as they can tolerate. For the first week, running, jogging, and other aerobic activities are not permitted. The addition of light aerobics should be made gradually at first. Breathing will be restricted for at least two to three weeks due to the swelling in the nose, making the hard activity more challenging to sustain in addition to protecting the stitches and allowing the bones to heal properly.


For the first week, stay away from any exercises that entail bending over. That includes lifting, crunches, and touching the toes. The patient shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, including small children, for at least a week after the procedure. The stitches may pop under the pressure of lifting and bending, which will delay the healing process. Sexual activity should be kept to a minimum and should not involve any aerobic exercises. To prevent any unintentional bumps from flailing partners in the night, it could be best for patients to sleep alone for the first week after surgery.

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