Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can make a big difference in your experience
Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman, can make a big difference in Charlotte, NC area patients’ surgery experience. An experienced surgeon can give you better results than a lesser experienced surgeon as well as fewer complications. Because these surgeons have had extra practice, you can feel confident you’re in the best hands possible.

Board certified surgeons have more training than licensed ones
One thing that can help you find Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is by looking to see if they are just licensed or if they are board certified as well.

Licensed physicians have not had additional training in specific areas, such as facial plastic surgery. Instead, they can do surgery on any part of the body they’d like. A board-certified physician, however, has had additional education and practice in their specific field. This equates to more knowledge and more experience.

Dr. Sean Freeman is double board certified for two types of surgery in his field. He is certified by both the American Board of Otolaryngology, which means surgery on the head and neck, as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To earn these certifications, Dr. Freeman had to do additional course work and training.

Take a look at their history and their photo galleries
Another thing to look for when searching for Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is their practice’s history and their photo gallery. By first looking at their history, you can see how long they’ve been in practice and where, which can help you determine their level of experience. Looking at their photo gallery with before and after pictures is also helpful. You can see what previous patient’s results have been and if you feel they look good or not.

Dr. Sean Freeman has focused his practice exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988, meaning he’s focused solely on plastic surgery on the face, instead of performing plastic surgery all over the body. He also features many rhinoplasty before and after pictures so potential patients can see the results he’s given patients throughout the years of practicing in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients considering a nose job want to make sure they have Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon performing their procedure. Start your search with Dr. Sean Freeman. As Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon he has not only performed many nose jobs, he’s also done rhinoplasty revisions to correct results patients have gotten from other facial plastic surgeons in the area. To learn more about his experience, or to schedule a consultation for your procedure, be sure to contact his office today.