Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte NC

Charlotte Rhinoplasty services can help patients look their very best
People that aren’t comfortable with the appearance of their nose and would like to do something about it can look into seeing if they may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Commonly referred to as a “nose Job”, rhinoplasty surgery is safe, minimally invasive, and can take place right in the surgeon’s building. No need to book operating rooms or bring in a whole team of doctors and nurses in a hospital when a rhinoplasty procedure, performed by a licensed doctor that has specialized in facial surgery his whole career, can give you the fabulous look you want right there.

How do you want to look?
Candidates eligible for nose surgery will have an exam and consultation with the doctor prior to any procedures taking place. By utilizing computer imaging, together you can determine how you would like your nose to look like after surgery is complete. He will closely examine the external and internal structure of your nose during the exam, determining at this time whether facial implants, which could further improve facial balance, may be a viable option.

Some reasons why people elect to get rhinoplasty surgery
Everyone’s faces are built a little differently, therefore each nose procedure performed is individually tailored to each patient. Surgery can be successfully performed on a very wide variety of shapes and sizes of noses.

Some of the more common situations patients hope to have fixed through nose surgery include:
• Reducing a nasal hump without changing tip rotation or projection
• Reducing a nasal hump and deprojecting the tip with or without rotation
• Reducing a nasal hump and rotating the nasal tip
• Improve a twisted nose
• Changing the shape of the nostrils
• Rhinoplasty with chin implant

Factors considered in procedures, and what incisions may take place
The thickness of the skin on the nose determines the strength and thickness of the underlying support cartilage, which is the initial consideration in how aggressive the surgery must be.
During the procedure, typically the upper and lower lateral cartilage are adjusted. If necessary, the septum, which is the cartilage underneath the upper lateral and above the tip, is changed to allow for tip rotation, as well as to increase or decrease the size of the nose above the tip. The doctor then uses a rasp to bring the nasal bones into harmony with the rest of the nose.

In terms of incisions, they are done in different areas based on what procedure is required. In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nose where they aren’t visible. Open rhinoplasty, for patients requiring a significant change in the projection of the tip, requires an incision outside, at the base of the nose between the nostrils. Swelling is minimal and healing will take place quickly in exclusively closed procedures. Open procedures generally result in increased postoperative swelling.
Dr. Freeman provides superior Charlotte rhinoplasty surgery

If you live in North Carolina or any surrounding area and may be considering nose surgery, set up a consultation with Dr. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Charlotte rhinoplasty procedures can take place right in Dr. Freeman’s building, performed by a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in facial surgery since 1988.