What you should look for in a Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon

A Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon needs four things more than anything else:

  • An strong, intuitive sense of human facial aesthetics, informed by knowledge of the various standards of beauty across different times and different cultures and communities.
  • An understanding of the psychology of human attractiveness, and the factors that go into a patient’s decision to seek Charlotte rhinoplasty.
  • Medical knowledge of the human face, including the different forms of tissue that make up the nose, and how to work on it safely and effectively.
  • The skills necessary to perform millimeter-fine adjustments in living tissue without leaving noticeable scars.

Try to find a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and has spent years, if not decades, working on noses and honing his or her sense of how to tailor the individual nose to the face. It will probably help to look at the surgeon’s gallery of before and after photos. Try to find a Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeon who has been certified by more than one surgery board. Look on realself.com for a surgeon with lots of positive testimonials.

Getting ready for Charlotte rhinoplasty

Be sure to set some time aside for healing at home. Keep physical strain and contact with other people to a minimum, because the two things you’re trying to avoid are raising the blood pressure in your head and catching any sort of illness that makes you sneeze. Keep a lot of liquids and lip balm on hand, because you’ll be breathing through your mouth for a little while.

If you wear glasses and can’t do without them, get a pair of prescription contact lenses and spend some time learning to wear them before the surgery. That way, nothing will be resting on your nose while it’s trying to heal. If you smoke, you should stop smoking before Charlotte rhinoplasty. This includes substitutes such as vaping or nicotine gum, because nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, which slows down the healing process. Don’t take any aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or herbal supplements within the two weeks before the surgery — these might cause excess bleeding.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon, certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has done only facial plastic surgery, including nose jobs, since 1988. Many of his patients have already gotten nose jobs from other surgeons and come to him for revision rhinoplasty to make them better. If you live in or near Charlotte and are interested in a nose job, schedule your appointment today or ask for online consultation to get a discount of the consultation fee.