Rhinoplasty surgery specialist in Charlotte, NC offers years of experience

Rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sean Freeman, brings years of experience to the Charlotte, NC area. Patients considering undergoing rhinoplasty must tackle the difficult task of choosing the best surgeon to perform their procedure. Dr. Sean Freeman’s years of experience mean patients can trust he will work to give them the best results possible.

People may have a nose job for many different reasons

Patients may choose to have rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Patients needing the procedure for medical reasons may suffer from a deviated septum, which affects breathing, causes headaches, and other issues. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon can often correct this, giving patients a new outlook on life.

Others may choose to have a nose job for cosmetic purposes. Due to its prominence on the face, the nose plays a significant role in determining what a person’s face looks like. If a person does not like the look or their nose, or it has a feature they are self-conscious about, they may undergo the procedure to correct any perceived imperfections.

Rhinoplasty specialists work to reshape patients’ noses

Rhinoplasty surgeons reshape the nose by manipulating the bone and cartilage in the nose. They can narrow the nose, or correct a bump on the nose by operating on the bridge of the nose. Surgeons can also make the tip of the nose smaller and change its shape, by operating on the fleshy part at the end of a person’s nose. Finally, doctors can narrow the nostrils if a patient is uncomfortable with the size of their nostrils.

Recovery time will vary for each patient

Following surgery, patients will need to follow the instructions provided by their rhinoplasty specialists to ensure they get the best results possible. Patients should not smoke, take certain medications, or take certain vitamins. Patients should only take prescribed pain medication following surgery.

Patients can expect swelling and bruising immediately following surgery. Bruising will typically fade within a week to ten days. The majority of the swelling should go down within a week or two but may take about a month to totally go away. Ice packs can sometimes be used to help relieve swelling, but should not be used without a doctor’s okay.

There are many things patients need should do after surgery to ensure positive results. Patients should keep the head elevated as much as possible. They should also avoid wearing glasses and avoid pullover clothing, so they do not accidentally hit their nose. Patients should also be sure not to blow their nose or sneeze following the procedure.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Charlotte, NC rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sean Freeman, is the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in the area. Dr. Freeman’s practice has focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, since 1988. Residents considering rhinoplasty should call Dr. Freeman’s office to schedule a consultation and see how he can help you.