Revision rhinoplasty can repair damage done with previous nose jobs

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that repairs the damage done to a nose from a previous nose job. Revision rhinoplasty surgery uses a variety of techniques that the surgeon may use to give patients the best results.

Patients will need to undergo an examination before a revision rhinoplasty

Patients who have undergone a nose job and are unsatisfied with the results may just dislike the look, or may experience health issues due to the botched procedure. Surgeons work to repair any damage to the nose, and give patients the results they were initially hoping for.

Before undergoing surgery, patients will receive a full evaluation. During this examination, the doctor will look at the structure of your nose and evaluate what will need to be corrected. The doctor will also work with you to understand your goals and the outcome you expected before the first procedure.

Using imagining technology, patients can see how their nose will look following surgery. This helps ensure both the patient and doctor are on the same page, the patient will be pleased with the results, and help determine if any additional procedures are needed to make sure the nose looks natural on the face.

Patients should not schedule a revision rhinoplasty immediately after their first surgery

Dealing with the effects of a nose job you are not happy with is hard. However, it is important not to anticipate having a revision rhinoplasty procedure immediately following the first nose surgery. It is recommended that patients wait at least a full year before having a revision procedure to give the nose a chance to heal fully.

Many different techniques can be used to correct a nose job

Rhinoplasty surgeons use many different techniques when performing revision rhinoplasty and will select the best one for each patient based on their needs and the results of the evaluation at the consultation. Techniques such as cartilage grafting can be used to rebuild the nose while other techniques are used to repair other issues that can affect the bone.

Patients can expect bruising and swelling on the nose and face following surgery. The bruising will typically fade within a week or two with the swelling going down within a few weeks to a month.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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