Rhinoplasty revision is sometimes needed when patient’s nose job doesn’t turn out as expected

Rhinoplasty revision surgery is a second nose job that corrects what was done in an original nose job. Thankfully, most rhinoplasty procedures leave patients with results they are happy with. However, not all patients achieve their desired results. Charlotte, NC rhinoplasty surgeon brings years of experience with the skills to perform rhinoplasty revision surgeries.

Patients who are not happy with their nose job can face medical and emotional issues

Many patients undergo rhinoplasty to correct a medical issue or improve their self-esteem by having the surgery for cosmetic reasons. Patients often come out of surgery excited to see the results. However, once the swelling goes down, if patients are not happy with what they see, it can be devastating.

Patients who do not like the look of their new nose will continue to have low self-esteem and be self-conscious about their looks. Because the nose is such a prominent feature of the face, if something looks off, it is easy to notice. Patients may also continue to experience medical issues, or experience them for the first time, such as trouble breathing, and sleep apnea.

Nose jobs may not turn out as expected for many reasons

There are many reasons a nose may not look as expected following rhinoplasty. One reason is due to an experienced surgeon performing the nose job. An inexperienced surgeon may encounter an issue they were not prepared for, causing a surgical error.

The nose may also not look as expected due to an accident during recovery. If a patient sneezes hard or bumps their nose, it can damage the nose and leave it looking different. A patient may also not look how they envisioned when deciding on the nose they wanted and was not able to see the results on an imaging program before surgery.

Patients should take of themselves before and after a rhinoplasty revision procedure

Though patients may not be happy with their way their nose looks following surgery, it is best to wait at least a year before having a rhinoplasty revision procedure. This gives the nose a chance to heal and gives patients the best chance at having a successful second procedure.

Patients should prepare for the surgery in many of the same ways they would prepare for the first procedure. Research and find an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Since the nose is more fragile the second time around, finding the best doctor is important. Patients should also quit smoking and avoid taking certain medications in the weeks leading up to surgery.

Following surgery, patients should avoid blowing their nose. Avoid going out in public for a few weeks to avoid contracting illnesses that would cause sneezing. To prevent bumping the nose, wear contacts instead of glasses and avoid pull over clothing.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who need a revision rhinoplasty procedure should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. A significant portion of Dr. Freeman’s business stems from revision rhinoplasty procedures. As Charlotte’s most skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Freeman has the experience and skill to perform this delicate procedure. If you are unhappy with the results of your first surgery, call to schedule a consultation to see how Dr. Freeman can help you.