Rhinoplasty procedure are becoming increasingly popular

Charlotte, NC residents considering having a rhinoplasty procedure performed should not feel embarrassed. Nose jobs are one of the most common cosmetic procedures carried out in the United States. More than 223,000 nose surgeries were performed in 2016, which is more than was performed in 2015.

People have rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons

While nose reshaping is a common cosmetic procedure, not everyone has the surgery for cosmetic reasons alone. Some patients may have surgery to for medical reasons. Rhinoplasty can repair a deviated septum caused by an injury such as a broken nose. A deviated septum can cause chronic sinus infections, headaches, and breathing issues.

Some patients, however, do choose rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons. Since the nose is located in the center of the face, it plays a huge role in the way the face looks. Patients who feel self-conscious about their nose may have reduced self-esteem because of the perceived flaws with the nose. People often elect to have rhinoplasty to smooth a bump on the bridge or the nose, reduce the size of the nose, and more. Achieving their desired results can often give patients more confidence.

Surgeons utilize various techniques to help patients achieve results

Experienced rhinoplasty surgeons can do a variety of procedures to give patients the look they desire. Surgeons can operate on the tip of a nose to reduce the size of the tip, or change the shape of it. The size of the nostrils can be narrowed, and often needs to be done when the tip of the nose is reduced in size. Surgeons can also operate on the bridge of the nose to correct a deviated septum, remove a bump in the nose, or make the nose more narrow.

Most procedures will not leave visible scars

There are two types of rhinoplasty procedures. The first, open rhinoplasty, is less common. Open rhinoplasty requires the surgeon to make an incision in the skin between the nostrils. The second type is called a closed rhinoplasty. Closed procedures are when surgeons make incisions on the inside of the nose. This type is minimally invasive and leaves no visible scarring.

Recovery can vary depending on the procedure.

While every patient’s recovery time will differ, rhinoplasty patients typically heal within a few weeks. Depending on the procedure done, most patients can return to normal activities a week after surgery. Bruising and swelling can be expected following surgery, with the bruising fading in about a week. The swelling may take longer to go down, but should not last longer than a month. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will give care instructions following the procedure.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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