Charlotte asks- Frequently asked questions about a nose job

Charlotte asks frequently asked questions about a nose job, including these:

How should I prepare for a nose job?
Talk to your surgeon about your expectations, and listen to his or her advice on what sort of nose is right for you. It may be that the nose you want doesn’t work on your particular face. There may be computers there with imaging software that lets you see the possible outcome of a nose job. It might even be that the problem isn’t with your nose, but your chin — a weak chin can create the illusion of a too-prominent nose.

Before the nose job, stop smoking. Don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen. Find someone to drive you home after the surgery, and prepare to stay home for a while afterward.

How long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty, and what do I do in the meantime?
After a nose job, there is usually some swelling, moderate bruising and sometimes temporary skin numbness. All of these effects go away fairly quickly — the bruising fades within a week to ten days, while the swelling can last for several weeks. You won’t know exactly what your new nose looks like until the swelling goes down. For the first week, avoid blowing your nose and don’t wear pullover sweaters or glasses. (It’s a good idea to get prescription contacts before seeking a nose job.) If you must wear glasses, use cheek rests to support them.

How much does a nose job cost?
The cost is different in different places. It may be from $5,000 to $12,000. The cost is unlikely to be covered by health insurance if the procedure is for aesthetic rather than medical personal.

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