Can a teen choose cosmetic surgery?

You might be wondering — can a teen choose cosmetic surgery?

Can a teen choose cosmetic surgery?
Many people are asking “Can a teen choose cosmetic surgery?” The teenage years are not the best time to be making decisions about cosmetic surgery. Teens’ brains are not fully matured, they tend to be prone to stress, impulsiveness and low self-esteem, and they are extremely subject to the social judgment of their peers. So you should have a talk with your teenage son or daughter and make sure he or she is not making this decision on the spur of the moment.

Many procedures should only be performed on older teens, whose features at least have fully matured. But there are exceptions, such as otoplasty (or ear pinning) which can and usually is done on much younger children. And a number of not-quite-surgical procedures are perfectly acceptable for teens. Lip enhancement through filler injections, which has been quite popular among teenage girls since everybody found out about Kylie Jenner, is a good temporary operation. One problem many teens have — persistent acne — can be treated by using the Smoothbeam laser treatment to shrink overactive oil glands. If your son or daughter happens to have nevus flammeus, or a port wine stain, a pulsed dye laser treatment can treat this if they don’t have a tan at the time. If your son or daughter already has an unwanted tattoo, a facial plastic surgeon can use a laser to remove the tattoo without scarring the skin.

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