Answers for parents who ask, “Can someone fix my child’s ears in Charlotte?”

 Otoplasty for children in Charlotte
We understand the plight of parents who throw their hands in the air asking, “Can someone fix my child’s ears in Charlotte?” A child’s misshapen ears can often lead to teasing by other children. Those who misunderstand plastic surgery, associate it with vanity or simply a desire to avoid aging. In the case of children, it can provide a practical benefit and can be quite appropriate. In fact, otoplasty can be performed on adults, but is more often performed on children because it is easier to shape the ears when a person is young.

Surgery while the child is young
There are a number of different surgeries that can be performed to correct ear issues in children. Although it is possible to wait until a child is older to have otoplasty performed, it is commonly recommended for kids as young as 7. Performing the surgery while your child is still young can help avoid unnecessary instances of teasing or bullying. Most surgeons recommend the surgery before a child starts school, hopefully, he or she will not remember having prominent ears.

The procedure
It is important to postpone the surgery until a child’s ears have nearly finished growing. When deciding whether otoplasty is right for your child, it is important to look at his or her maturity and ability to understand what’s going on. The child must also have the maturity and ability to follow instructions. The surgery will require some downtime, so it is probably best to schedule it for a period in life when your child is not busy, or needs to be active. For example, scheduling surgery during summer vacation might mean that your child will most likely not be able to swim or participate in summer sports or games.

Otoplasty in Charlotte, NC
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