Where should I begin searching for a nose job surgeon?

Rhinoplasty specialists cover other areas of facial plastic surgery. Searching for a specific type of surgeon may make your searches more difficult. You can spend ages on the web searching through all the stream of plastic surgeons to choose from. The problem is how to know which the best are, and which should be forgotten. This checklist will help you find a qualified facial plastic surgeon. At the very least, these are the basic things you need to verify.

Finding a board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC

Board certification is the primary thing to verify when you are looking for rhinoplasty specialists, and a surgeon who is qualified to do any other facial surgery. These accreditations are proof the plastic surgeon is accredited to high standards, has a wealth of real-life experience, and can show his or her results through countless before and after photos. A good example is Dr. Freeman, who has numerous before and after photos that show great results. He is also double board certified and is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Great facial plastic surgeons have great consultations

If you have an initial consultation in Charlotte NC, it will be the first meeting with your facial plastic surgeon. At this point, the surgeon will want to learn a significant amount about your background and the reasons you are seeking rhinoplasty surgery. You will also undergo a detailed examination to help the surgeon better understand the structure of your face. You will need a relationship with your plastic surgeon. One that is too businesslike will not make you comfortable, and chances are you will not be in a trusting situation.

Dr. Freeman performs extensive consultations and ensures that you will be a suitable candidate for whatever facial plastic surgery procedure is performed. If you can follow his instructions before and after any surgical procedure, you are off to a great start. One of his primary criteria is that patients should not smoke or drink in the run-up to a procedure.

Do I have the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC?

If you have your list of things you need to check, you will notice Dr. Freeman ticks every box. Being double board certified his results for facial plastic surgery speak for themselves. Aside from this, but as Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, he’s developed many plastic surgery procedures.

To find out more, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces and reserve your spot for your important initial consultation. From then, you’ll have one of the best rhinoplasty specialists taking care of you.