WRhinoplastyhy would I visit a rhinoplasty surgeon?

A Charlotte NC nose job surgeon performs procedures on many patients for many different reasons. A nose can skew symmetry away from your face, and if it is for cosmetic reasons, then it can have a greater effect on your appearance.

With all forms of plastic surgery, it is imperative to weigh all the facts before scheduling your procedure. Here are just a few things you should know before undergoing rhinoplasty under the hands of Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Your nose job surgeon can make or break the end result

There are an endless number of rhinoplasty surgeons around; however, there are many who unfortunately perform these nose job procedures only to discover that the patient does not actually get what they expected.

Dr. Freeman is double board certified and he has developed numerous facial plastic surgery procedures, and is seen as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the country. Because the results of your procedure depends on the surgeon’s ability, it is strongly recommended you use Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon as your first choice.

Rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC can be for men as well as women

There’s no reason why men can’t see a nose job surgeon to gain the benefits of a nose job. Although it is often considered a female thing, there are now many men who seek nose surgery to fix problems they were born with. Regardless of sex, all surgeries are performed with the same compassion, ensuring that patients will retain and improve their physical features rather than change them.

A nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC can combine other procedures

In some people, there may be a need to have nose job surgery along with another procedure to obtain the best results. This can be the case if candidates have undergone plastic surgery before and things didn’t work out well, or there is a natural deformity that one procedure alone can fix.

Dr. Freeman can make many recommendations during his consultations. Every possible patient will leave with a clear understanding of what results can be obtained.

Nose jobs don’t deliver immediate results

Oftentimes expectations leave patients disheartened, this is one major reason why so many patients go to Dr. Freeman for revision rhinoplasty. Because the full transformation may not be seen until 6 months later. They find the swelling and bruising can be hiding the disappointment until it is too late.

Patients can find they are either no better off, or their nose is in fact worse than when they began. Dr. Freeman has seen many of these over his years of perfecting his rhinoplasty skills.

Finding the best Charlotte NC plastic surgeon

Because this kind of plastic surgery needs some finesse from the nose job surgeon to obtain the desired results, it is recommended to head to Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. It is easy to contact Dr. Freeman for your initial consultation.

He can deliver a thorough examination to which kind of nose job is the correct procedure. He will explain the best ways you can amend your appearance and how you can have the quickest recovery time possible.