A browlift with Botox in Charlotte is more effective than either procedure alone.

Get a browlift with Botox in Charlotte

A browlift with Botox can help you look younger. In the modern brow lift, the surgeon doesn’t just cut a slice of the scalp off and lift the rest straight up. Medical scientists have studied how the skin on the forehead sags as it ages. Because of the actions of brow muscles, the skin tends to migrate a little to the center as well as sagging downward, so making the forehead look younger means reversing all these changes.

And because the actions of brow muscles form dynamic wrinkles — wrinkles that form on the face from overuse of facial muscles such as the brow and cheek muscles, including frown lines and laugh lines — a brow lift with BOTOX in Charlotte is especially effective. BOTOX uses a purified protein from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum to force the facial muscles to relax. By performing BOTOX and a brow lift at the same time, a surgeon can create a longer-lasting and more youthful look for you. You shouldn’t take BOTOX if you’re pregnant or nursing, or if you suffer from a neurological disease. If your wrinkles aren’t dynamic wrinkles, a filler may work better. Recovery time for a brow lift with BOTOX in Charlotte NC is much longer than it would be for just BOTOX, and you’ll have to wait until the swelling has gone down before you know if your forehead looks the way you want it to.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
The best person to go to for brow lift with BOTOX in Charlotte NC is Dr. Sean Freeman. He has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Since 1988 he has done only facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. He was one of the first doctors in the United States to perform endoscopic brow lift surgery. If you’re looking for a brow lift with BOTOX in Charlotte, make an appointment today or request an online consultation for a discount on the consultation fee.