Brow lift surgery is also popularly known in Charlotte, NC, as a forehead lift. The surgery’s primary purpose is to correct saggy eyebrows and take care of the horizontal lines that make you look angry or tired. Brow lift surgery is a surgical procedure that helps reduce the wrinkle lines that form around the forehead, improving frown lines. You can use it to raise sagging brows that have created a hooded effect on the upper eyelids, giving you a more youthful look and confident appearance. A brow lift surgery can be performed on people of any age range.

Risks that you endanger yourself to when you contact an inexperienced doctor for your brow lift surgery

A couple of things could go wrong, which is why we recommend you do your surgery with Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon. Here are some of the risks that you could possibly avoid;

  • Anesthesia risks: First and foremost, you have to know that anesthesia should be in a calculated amount. The first possible thing that could go wrong is excessive exposure to anesthesia. It is very risky for health.
  • Loss of hair around the incisions: Improper incision during the brow lift surgery could lead to loss of hair. People find that their facial hair doesn’t grow back after the recovery is complete. To avoid such a phenomenon, you should be selective about who you visit for your brow lift surgery.
  • Infection: Improper conduction of the surgical process could lead to complications such as infections. Infections around the face region could be very costly for you, which is why you should be very careful.
  • Persistent pain: It is normal to feel mild pains after the surgery. However, in the process of recovering, the pain should in turn, reduce. In a situation where the pain is persistent, you should be suspicious that something is not right.
  • Poor wound healing: What could be worse than surgical marks. The incisions are meant to heal over time; however, a poorly conducted surgery could bring about poor healing and permanent scars. It’s not so cool walking around with an obvious sign that you did a facial surgery.
  • Possibility of revision surgery: Some surgical mistakes could be very costly, to the extent that only a revision surgery could fix the adverse effect. Revision surgery could be very stressful in most cases, and the aim is to avoid it at all costs.

Getting the best brow lift surgeon in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, NC, you can reduce the risks that you expose yourself to the minimal. Get the best surgery from the best. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.