Patient 3583 Before And AfterWhat will a brow lift do for me?

Brow lift surgery in Charlotte NC can take years off facial appearances by the reduction of lines and wrinkles. The procedure addresses visible signs of aging like sagging eyebrows. When performed by a skilled surgeon such as double board certified Dr. Freeman, the downtime from a brow lift can be minimal. This allows you to get back to a regular routine as soon as possible.

These brow lifts are performed with a minimally invasive endoscopic techniques, so there is no need for large incisions, so you can have faster healing with less swelling. Every patient of Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon at Only Faces is distinctive, yet there is standard timeline patients follow in their road to recovery from having a brow lift.

Days following brow lift surgery in Charlotte NC

When you have a forehead lift, it is performed as an outpatient procedure. This means you will have the opportunity to return home within the same day. While discomfort may be worse during the first few days after the operation, brow lifts are more likely to be pain free than other procedures.

You can use ice and a cold pack to minimize the puffiness and swelling in the first forty-eight hours. It is advisable to walk around rather than lay down and rest as this helps with blood circulation, and less risk of blood clotting.

Endoscopic brow lift recovery after one week

After approximately one week after brow lift surgery, you will start feeling a lot more comfortable and incorporating some of your regular activities into the everyday routine.

In this time, it will be advisable to sleep while your head is in an upright position. The sutures will be withdrawn after about seven days. The majority of patients will be back at work in only seven to ten days following an endoscopic brow lift.

Third week after your brow lift surgery

Most of the swelling will be gone by the third week. You can do more strenuous activities like exercising with caution. If you listen to your body and be sure not to exert yourself too much or too fast, you may risk a lengthy healing time. Forehead lifts can yield long-lasting positive results and relatively short downtime.

Starting the road to your Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery

For any patient, the road to brow lift surgery is an initial consultation. Here, there are many questions asked from both sides, and a physical examination so the desired expectations can be ascertained.

To get the ball rolling, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. He will guide your through the entire procedure and deliver the best recommendations for recovery. With Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon at the helm. You are certain to get the best results possible that will take years off your appearance.