Are you fighting the signs of aging, and seem to be losing the battle?

Brow lift surgery can be one of the easiest ways to combat some of the signs of aging. Facial tissue sags, because skin and muscles around the eyes weaken and lose their position. If this wasn’t enough, wrinkles on the forehead appear, and even these begin to fall over the eyelids.

Do you look in your Charlotte NCmirror and see this person looking back at you with an exhausted and irritated expression? Read on to see how an eyebrow lift from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon will help.

Upper eyelid surgery benefits in Charlotte NC

As well as feeling old and haggard, brow drooping can also cover some of your vision, this isn’t only unappealing but also very frustrating. It is possible to have a quick brow lift surgery to reap all the benefits which come with it.

Here are the most common benefits individuals find when having an eye lift

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Vision impairments are resolved
  • The natural style of the eyebrow is retained
  • A youthful appearance is restored
  • The forehead and brows are tightened
  • Wrinkles and lines are reduced, thus giving a smoother complexion

What is the process of having an eyebrow lift?

Dr. Freeman has spent many years in Charlotte NC perfecting the process of performing brow lift surgery. Such is his commitment to his patients, he is double board certified, and continually remains at the very forefront of facial plastic surgery.

His brief description of an eyelid lift are as follows:

  • Gently lifting the outer corners of the eyebrows
  • Extracting excess skin to remove unwanted wrinkles
  • Making small incisions above the orbital range – this maintains the natural curve of the patient’s eyebrows
  • All incisions are made in the hairline to hide and scarring
  • The facial integrity remains intact even though excess skin is removed

Will I be suitable for this kind of brow lift surgery?

Only very skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Freeman can say if a patient is, or isn’t suitable for such an operation. It might appear to be simple, but for the plastic surgeon, there is a lot to consider.

 There is an initial consultation where he will outline the procedure, and ask a couple of straightforward questions.

  • Does the patient have realistic goals for their aesthetic appearance?
  • Are they healthy with no medical conditions?
  • Do they smoke, or are they able to stop for a given period?

How do I know if a Charlotte NC plastic surgeon can help me?

There is only one way any patient will know if they are a suitable candidate, or if this kind of brow lift surgery can help them to restore a youthful appearance. The first step is to contact Dr. Freeman and book the initial consultation. If anyone knows, if an eyebrow lift will help, it will be Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.